Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas Eve meal 2012

Last Christmas Eve, on 24th December 2012, I had a whole day out with my CJ.. We started with a little brunch at Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Ngee Ann City, Orchard Rd, Singapore.. As for Christmas Eve Dinner, it was so crowded everywhere at Orchard Rd, so we ended up at CoCo Ichibanya, 313 Somerset, Orchard Rd, Singapore, having curry!! =`)

 photo beanstrongeeanncity_zpse808e618.jpg

English Breakfast Tea at SGD 4.20
I'm a tad sad if my hot tea doesn't come in a pot..=`((
 photo hottea_zps4ca8608e.jpg

Cafe Mocha at SGD 6.10
 photo cafemocha_zpsd7b4f4bd.jpg

I don't know why but I have a huge crush on sugar cubes..=`))
 photo teaandsugarcubes_zps2f822e7c.jpg

Breakfast Steak and Egg at SGD 19.00
 photo steakandegg_zps90be1462.jpg
The steak was good I thought it's tad pricey for the portion..
 photo breakfastmenubeanstro_zpsd1325755.jpg
 photo steakandeggbeanstro_zps4ea37bb9.jpg

Dinner was at CoCo Ichibanya!!
 photo chickencutletcurry_zps7ad3a61b.jpg

Chicken Cutlet Curry at SGD 12.00
 photo cocoichibanya_zpsb6cb19de.jpg

Beef Curry at SGD 12.50
 photo beefcurry_zpse4812c21.jpg

At CoCo Ichibanya, you can choose the amount of rice that you want, the level of spiciness, and additional toppings like cheese or bacon too!! We played safe with the spice level and I didn't get any curry high.. Must try to increase spiciness level on next visit!! =p

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paradise Inn

On my sister's birthday last month, we had dinner at Paradise Inn, Marina Square, Singapore. Contrary to some comments on their bad service, we actually had a really nice dinner there, with very good service..=`)) Before we went there, we had a little research on what are the must-order dishes (from hungrygowhere ) and mostly recommended their Stewed Pork Belly with Lotus bun and Hot Plate Tofu with Cai Xin.. So here goes..

 photo chinesetea_zpsddc023a1.jpg
Refillable Chinese Tea at SGD 1.00 per person
 photo paradiseinn_zps89fa87ed.jpg

Stewed Pork Belly with Lotus Bun at SGD 6.90 (for 3 pieces)
 photo stewedporkbelly_zps8b2934d3.jpg
It was very good indeed!! It's like the must try dish if you dine at Paradise Inn..
Love the flavorful Pork Belly, and the Lotus Bun was very soft..=`))
 photo lotusbun_zpsa75c0b74.jpg

Hot Plate Tofu with Cai Xin at SGD 10.90
This one was very yummy too, with eggs layered underneath, very flavorful..=`))
 photo hotplatetofuwithcaixin_zps609db00a.jpg

Crisp-fried Shrimp Paste Chicken at SGD 10.90
Little Kent enjoyed these!! =`))
 photo crispfriedshrimppastechicken_zpsa7f21580.jpg

Pan-fried Pork Ribs with Kai Lan at SGD 12.90
Generous amount of Pork Ribs..=`))
 photo porkribswithkailan_zps0d002e20.jpg

Chilled Lemongrass Jelly at SGD 4.00
This dessert was very good too!! The sis and Little Kent finished it in a flash!! =`))
 photo lemongrassjelly_zps3ce06e80.jpg

Chilled Mango Sago at SGD 4.50
My dessert on the other hand, not quite enjoyable.. Not the best Mango Sago I've ever had..=`((
 photo mangosago_zps9bff3d6f.jpg

We had a pleasant dinner at Paradise Inn, most of the dishes are very decent.. The only thing off for me is their Mango Sago, which can easily be improved..=`))

Friday, January 11, 2013

Excelso Cafe

Last November 2012 (Ya I know I'm slow with updates, forgive me!!) I went to De Excelso Cafe at Cambridge City Square, Medan, Indonesia, hoping to had their Christmasy beverage, Hot White Chocolate, which I had on previous year's Christmas 2011 (read it here).. It got me sad that it turned out they have different Christmas beverage every year.. Their friendly waiter recommended Excelso's Christmas special, which was Snowfall Coffee.. I hesitated as I am not much into coffee these days, but cause it has "Snowfall" name so I decided to just go for it..=`))

Love its cheesy Christmas caption..=p
Snowfall Coffee at IDR 35.000 (SGD 4.37)

Mocha Frappio at IDR 37.500 (SGD 4.68)

Holland Bitterballen at IDR 35.000 (SGD 4.37)
These taste amazeball!! They have choice of chicken, beef or cheese.. We chose beef and loved every bite of it..=`))
Snowfall tasted off to me, but CJ liked it!! Maybe coz he's more of a coffee person than me..=`) I hope for this year's Christmas, Excelso's gonna bring my favorite Hot White Chocolate back!! =`)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jittlada Thai Restaurant Part II

Sorry for the amount of Thai food posts on this blog!! =p
The last time I posted about Jittlada Thai Restaurant (read it here) the pictures didn't do the dishes justice as I took them with my mobile.. So I determine to have a proper post of Jittlada, as they serve really decent Thai food..=`)
Jittlada Thai Restaurant is located at Cambridge City Square, Medan, Indonesia. Here were what we ordered:
Hot Tea at IDR 25.000 (SGD 3.12) per pot..

Tom Yam Kung at IDR 28.000 (SGD 3.5)

Prawn Satay at IDR 59.000 (SGD 7.37)

Kailan with Beef at IDR 33.000 (SGD 4.12)

Dessert was Cooked Tapioca Syrup at IDR 23.000 (SGD 2.87)
Loved every dishes except the Tom Yam Kung.. I was really craving for Tom Yum soup but I didn't really enjoy it at Jittlada, probably because I have always prefer the chili paste version of Tom Yam, and they only have clear Tom Yam on their menu.. Aside from that, everything else were yummy!! Go have Thai food today!! =`))
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