Sunday, July 14, 2013


So the sis and I had our afternoon tea the other day at TWG Tea Garden at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. We have been meaning to visit TWG for a long time cause of its pretty set up and its endless tea list. There are two TWG Tea Salons at Marina Bay Sands itself, and both of  them always look packed, especially during weekends. We were lucky to get our seats at TWG Tea Garden when it was tea time but the seating were quite humid there, we can't fully enjoy our hot tea.. Anyways, pictures of the pretty tea time:

 photo twgmbs_zpsb4b8d58c.jpg

The complete Tea List!! =`)
 photo twgtealist_zps99ba6b86.jpg

Jelly and Whipped Cream..=`)
 photo twg_zps90792529.jpg

I love their golden tea pot!! =`)
 photo teatime_zps5ead909b.jpg
 photo 1837teasettwg_zpsae90a285.jpg

Scones with Napoleon Macaron and Lemon Macaron..
 photo sconesandmacarons_zps5a6122f0.jpg

Choco Fudge at SGD 12.00..
 photo fudgechoco_zps47ffb01a.jpg

The Sister..=`)
 photo teatimeattwg_zpsc2101bc2.jpg

Moi!! =`)
 photo twgmarinabaysands_zps060a0112.jpg

We ordered the 1837 Tea Set (SGD 19.00) which include a pot of tea from their tea list and a choice of two scones/muffins/1 patisserie from their trolley. I chose two scones, and I also tried two flavor of their macarons (SGD 2.00 each). The sis ordered Choco Fudge from their dessert menu, which was perfect consider how hot the place is. Love their tea, forgot tea name that we ordered, something with "night in Paris"..=p Though we should have ordered The Grand Wedding Tea, heard it was the most popular from the Tea List..Their tea-infused macarons are not too sweet, which are perfect for my taste bud. Overall a charming tea experience and would be back to try Grand Wedding Tea!! =`)
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