Sunday, July 14, 2013


So the sis and I had our afternoon tea the other day at TWG Tea Garden at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. We have been meaning to visit TWG for a long time cause of its pretty set up and its endless tea list. There are two TWG Tea Salons at Marina Bay Sands itself, and both of  them always look packed, especially during weekends. We were lucky to get our seats at TWG Tea Garden when it was tea time but the seating were quite humid there, we can't fully enjoy our hot tea.. Anyways, pictures of the pretty tea time:

 photo twgmbs_zpsb4b8d58c.jpg

The complete Tea List!! =`)
 photo twgtealist_zps99ba6b86.jpg

Jelly and Whipped Cream..=`)
 photo twg_zps90792529.jpg

I love their golden tea pot!! =`)
 photo teatime_zps5ead909b.jpg
 photo 1837teasettwg_zpsae90a285.jpg

Scones with Napoleon Macaron and Lemon Macaron..
 photo sconesandmacarons_zps5a6122f0.jpg

Choco Fudge at SGD 12.00..
 photo fudgechoco_zps47ffb01a.jpg

The Sister..=`)
 photo teatimeattwg_zpsc2101bc2.jpg

Moi!! =`)
 photo twgmarinabaysands_zps060a0112.jpg

We ordered the 1837 Tea Set (SGD 19.00) which include a pot of tea from their tea list and a choice of two scones/muffins/1 patisserie from their trolley. I chose two scones, and I also tried two flavor of their macarons (SGD 2.00 each). The sis ordered Choco Fudge from their dessert menu, which was perfect consider how hot the place is. Love their tea, forgot tea name that we ordered, something with "night in Paris"..=p Though we should have ordered The Grand Wedding Tea, heard it was the most popular from the Tea List..Their tea-infused macarons are not too sweet, which are perfect for my taste bud. Overall a charming tea experience and would be back to try Grand Wedding Tea!! =`)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dolce Tokyo

So I won myself a Dolce Tokyo complimentary set meal from Daniel Ang of !! Go visit his blog  coz he gives a lot of awesome giveaway..=`))
Dolce Tokyo is a Japanese-Italian cafe located at 313 Somerset, Singapore. The set meal that I won includes Omu Curry Rice, Pork Belly Skewer and Matcha Latte.. Yay for free food!! =p

 photo dolcetokyovoucher_zps5b52b6c6.jpg

Love the ambiance of the place..=`)
 photo dolcetokyo313somerset_zpse247894d.jpg

Omu Curry Rice on the menu..=`)
 photo dolcetokyomenu_zps30a58c5b.jpg

Their dessert menu is so tempting!! =p
 photo dolcetokyodessertmenu_zps9f572dbd.jpg

Matcha Latte..=`)
 photo matchagreentea_zps60f5e136.jpg

The Omu Curry Rice..=`)
 photo omucurryricedolcetokyo_zps7e48810a.jpg
 photo omucurryrice_zpsbb7118d8.jpg

Pork Belly Skewer!! =`)
 photo porkskewerdolce_zps82896797.jpg

Pretty presentation!! I always give extra score to food places that put an effort in food presentation..=`)
 photo porkskewer_zpscc720b34.jpg
 photo dolcetokyo313_zpscfd69b6a.jpg

Love, love their Pork Belly Skewer!! Would definitely be back to try their dessert!! 
Thank you Dolce Tokyo and DanielFoodDiary!! =`)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ranch 57

CJ and I went to have dinner at Ranch 57, Plaza Medan Fair, Medan, Indonesia, the other day when I was in my hometown. The place is kinda nice with its own distinct concept, and the waiter kept telling us that Ranch 57 is under the same management as Lekker. I haven't been to Lekker yet, but heard that it's quite popular in Medan.

Love the place's concept..=`)
 photo ranch57medanfair_zpse9338b3c.jpg

Promo!! =`)
 photo ranch57promo_zpse1ec112f.jpg

Iced Teh Tarik and Iced Tea at IDR 10.000 (SGD 1.30) each.
 photo icedtehtarikandicedtea_zps5ac29d00.jpg

Sawi Pineapple at IDR 15.000 (SGD 1.95)
 photo sawipineapple_zps13bb2939.jpg

Nasi Goreng Balado at IDR 20.000 (SGD 2.60)
 photo nasigorengbaladoranch57_zps85af99cc.jpg

Chicken Fiesta at IDR 30.000 (IDR 3.90)
 photo chickenfiesta_zps67ba2a4c.jpg
 photo ranch57_zps1f1b0f22.jpg

Nasi Goreng Balado was nice, but I found it too spicy for me. I love spicy food but I just can't handle them well nowadays I don't know why.. CJ's Chicken Fiesta was slightly burned, but was good flavor wise.Food are reasonably priced, however I found that their signature beverages are a tad too steep in price. Heard that they serve good coffee, so coffee lovers, you might want to give this a try..=`)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tjong Koffie

So I visited Binjai, a small town outside Medan last month. CJ told me there's this pretty cafe just a stone throw away from his cousin's house. It's Tjong Koffie Coffee & Resto at Jl. Pattimura No. 46S, Binjai, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The interior of the cafe is indeed pretty. As I was quite full, I ordered a side dish while CJ was having his main..

 photo tjongkoffie_zps70d6751e.jpg

Pineapple Juice at IDR 18.000 (SGD 2.34)
 photo pineapplejuic_zps4ea7d6f2.jpg

Ice Lemon tea at IDR 10.000 (SGD 1.30)
 photo icelemontea_zpse1d520fe.jpg

Crispy Chicken Skin at IDR 15.000 (SGD 1.95)
 photo crispychickenskin_zps30ef682d.jpg

Chicken Butter Rice at IDR 28.000 (IDR 3.63)
 photo chicbutterrice_zpsd844fe6a.jpg
 photo tjongkoffiebinjai_zpsd1908244.jpg

So food was not bad, but not really great too. However, service was great and people love the cafe's ambiance. Heard that their thin crust pizza is good, so ought to try on next visit..=`)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Habitat Coffee

So we love to hang out at cafe and we have always passed by this Habitat Coffee at 223 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore, and notice its clean, all white design. We went there on a Saturday, so it was pretty packed. We were seated at slightly "upstairs" side of the cafe where the lights are pretty dimmed. Though it was crowded at the cafe, but the ambiance was pretty nice.

 photo habitatcoffeeuppthomson_zps6cf0881f.jpg
 photo habitatcoffeethomson_zpsfea84207.jpg

Earl Grey Tea at SGD 4.00
 photo earlgreytea_zps280269af.jpg

Ice Lychee Fusion Tea at SGD 4.90
 photo icelychee_zps94712a97.jpg

Black Velvet Cake at SGD 6.90
 photo blackvelvetcake_zpse38b1235.jpg

Truffle Fries at SGD 8.00
 photo trufflefries_zps2dff51a5.jpg

Love the handwritten on the tea pot..=`)
 photo habitatcoffee_zpsdcbc2238.jpg

Free flow of mineral water..=`)
 photo freeflowwater_zps25d47ab8.jpg

We love the Black Velvet Cake as recommended by blogger Beatrice on her blog.. The truffle fries came in generous amount of fries we almost can't finished it..=`)
Overall a pretty nice cafe with pretty nice food..=`)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dim Sum at Crystal Jade Kitchen

Whether I'm in Medan or Singapore, Dim Sum feast can always literally "touch my heart".. Because of the sis's craving for Dim Sum, we had ours at Crystal Jade Kitchen at NEX, Serangoon Central, Singapore. Crystal Jade can never do wrong when it comes to Chinese Cuisine. There was a long queue when we visited, but we didn't have to wait too long before we were seated.

Chinese Tea at SGD 1.00 per cup..
 photo chinesetea_zps37ec2b38.jpg

BBQ Pork Pastry at SGD 3.80
 photo bbqporkpastry_zps67524440.jpg

Baked Egg Tart at SGD 3.50
 photo eggtart_zpsbb471a2b.jpg

Beancurd Skin Roll Shrimp at SGD 4.80
 photo shrimpinbeancurdskinroll_zps2133530a.jpg

Steam Pork Rib in Black Bean Sauce at SGD 3.80
 photo steamporkrib_zps775ce8b9.jpg

Steam Shrimp Dumpling at SGD 5.20
 photo shrimpdumpling_zps436b852f.jpg

Steam Chicken feet in Black Bean Sauce at SGD 3.60
 photo steamchickenfeet_zps570cfa19.jpg

Steam Pork/ Crab Roe Dumpling at SGD 4.80
 photo porkdumpling_zpse3f1ecee.jpg

Each Dim Sum is so good, but we really love the exceptionally yummy Beancurd Skin Roll Shrimp!! We ended up craving for it every now and then and definitely will come back for more Dim Sum feast at Crystal Jade..=`)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Medan Town

To all Medanese in Singapore..rejoice!! You can now have your Medan food fix at Medan Town, 253 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore, when you are feeling home sick.. I chance upon Medan Town's ad in Cleo Magazine, and we went there when the sis was craving hometown food.. Oh who am I kidding, we crave for Medan's food ALL THE TIME!! =p

We were stunned when we were at Tanjong Katong Rd.. The whole place basically is a food street now!! There are a lot of chic and nicely decorated food places along the road, and some are really popular names like Punggol Nasi Lemak, Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh and Eng's Noodles House..
So Medan Town was kinda easy to spot when you are in Tj. Katong..=`)

 photo medantown_zpsb5111f59.jpg

Menu.. Basically all of Medan's favorites!! Yayy!! =`))
 photo medantownmenu_zps191755b6.jpg

Drinks-Desserts-Snack Menu..=`)
 photo medantowndessertmenu_zps72c7413a.jpg

Soto Medan with Rice at SGD 5.50..
 photo sotomedanandrice_zps6436066c.jpg
 photo sotomedan_zpsae61dfa6.jpg

Bihun Bebek-Soup at SGD 5.80..
 photo bihunbebeksoup_zpsac286c1a.jpg
 photo bihunbebek_zpsba99763e.jpg

Chicken Kari Bihun at SGD 5.50..
 photo chickenkaribihun_zps63504bb0.jpg

Emie (Mie Rebus) at SGD 5.80..
 photo emie_zps5766befa.jpg

Nasi Ayam Rendang at SGD 6.20..
 photo nasiayamrendang_zpsdc770e08.jpg

Soto Udang (With Rice) at SGD 6.50..
 photo sotoudang_zpse8e07343.jpg

Kiet Na at SGD 2.20 and Teh Botol Sosro at SGD 1.50..
 photo kietna_zps4a7c152a.jpg

Sate Kerang at SGD 4.80..
 photo satekerang_zpsc902face.jpg

Cucut Tauco (Chau Lo) at SGD 4.80..
 photo cucuttauco_zps38c2db49.jpg

Chai Tau Kue (Carrot Cake) at SGD 1.50..
 photo chaitaukue_zps8b1ee8c1.jpg
 photo medantowntanjungkatong_zps767bea43.jpg
 photo medantownsingapore_zpsc4409fef.jpg

We love all the food!! Of course we can't compare it with Medan's popular names, but the food are all pretty decent and we did have our hometown craving satisfied..=`))
Our favorite would be the Nasi Rendang Ayam and Soto Udang. The Nasi Rendang Ayam was spicy and flavorful we can't wait to go back!! The Soto Udang came with generous amount of shrimp and really paired well with rice. So Medanese, if you long for hometown food, you know where to find them..=`))

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