Friday, December 31, 2010

Bubble Tea

There is this craze for bubble tea in Singapore where almost every stall there will be long queue for it.

That is the queue for KOI at Iluma, Bugis, Singapore.

This is Grass Jelly Milk Tea, small cup at SGD $3.50
Each cup of tea costs around SGD $2++ to SGD $4++, they have a lot of variety of drinks.

That is the queue at Gong Cha, Plaza Singapura, Singapore.

That is me with my Milk Tea with Bubble that costs SGD $2.50 one cup. Prices at Gong Cha are slightly cheaper than KOI, but after I tasted both milk tea from the two, I, myself, prefer the milk tea from KOI..=`))


ernie shie said...

wooooii, gaya kau itu yang lagi minum bubble tea, apa harus sampai sebegitu? waakakkakaa

g.ta said...

gaya sikit biar banyak yg visit..mwahahahaa..=p

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