Friday, December 24, 2010

The Grand Duck King

Another fine afternoon and we decided that our stomachs need good food so off to The Grand Duck King we go!! It is located at Cambridge City Square, North Sumatra, Medan, Indonesia. This Chinese food restaurant has elegant and expensive ambiance, but let me tell you this, they have the best customer service ever for restaurants in Medan.

CJ has always adored their menu, from the name of their restaurant you should have known that their speciality would be duck, but as CJ is not really a fan of duck, we ordered his favorite Deep Fried Prawn in mayonnaise sauce.. this cost Rp. 60.000

also this sauteed squid which I forgot the name but it tasted really, really good.. cost Rp.48.000

CJ had his dishes with rice, while I prefer hainam rice..

We also decided to try their dim sum that day.. We ordered Xiao Long Bao and Steamed Chicken feet.. All dim sums are around Rp. 12.800-17.800 per portion.

The Xiao Long Bao are okay, but the chicken feet are too spicy for me, I still prefer dim sums from Lavender's Food Square, Singapore..=`)

We had one pot of Chrysanthemum tea to accompany our food, which is refill-able, the waiters will keep pouring for you every time you sip half of the cup..(I repeat, best customer service!!)
And they always prepare a bowl of pickle for you to have while waiting for your food to be served..They charged for it though if you decide that they are yummy..teehee..=p

I am really curious of their duck and definitely will try it on the next visit!!


ernie shie said...

good review :) make me drooling in the mid nite.. T_T

g.ta said...

Thank you, ni..=`)
Have you visited it?

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