Monday, January 3, 2011

Dessert Buffet

When you're stressed you eat ice cream, cake, chocolate, and sweets. Why? Because stressed spell backwards is desserts.

I read ladyironchef's blog post about this Dessert Buffet at One Ninety Four Seasons Hotel Singapore early December and I cannot stop thinking about it. I really love to read his posts on high teas as you know I have this auntie attitude, I like to sit down, have tea and sweets or snacks!! The moment I read his post I was like, "I HAVE TO TRY THIS WHEN I VISIT SINGAPORE!!" It is DESSERT BUFFET, all kinds of sweets!! And it is only SGD 12++(tax and service tax), it really is!! (Except if you order beverage other than the already provided ice/warm water)

Persuade sister (which is not difficult at all, she has soft spot for cakes and puddings) and off we go on a Monday afternoon when everybody else is working..teehee..=p
The place is really classy and elegant (the restaurant is at THE five star hotel!!) and the customer service is so excellent, there was this waiter who was really helpful!!

The Desserts:
All this you can eat as full as you want!!!

 I love this grandma chocolate cake so so much!!

 This pudding gets A+ from my sister..

and I was so excited when I see this..macarons!!!

me and sister pose with the cute cute good looking macaroons..

It tasted not so bad but still too sweet for me..kinda felt good when it melted inside our mouth..=p

Both sister and I felt so good after the dessert treat and definitely will come back when we harvest enough red pockets on Chinese New Year!! teehee..=p

The bill:

** Latest Update: The Restaurant has raised the buffet price to SGD 18++ due to overwhelming response..


ernie shie said...

>.< i want it badly.. I HAVE TO TRY THIS WHEN I VISIT SINGAPORE too ;p

g.ta said...

Yes, you must!! =p

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