Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Manhattan Fish Market Value Set Lunch

The Manhattan Fish Market is having 3-Course Light Set Lunch which starts from SGD 6.90, Monday-Friday, 11am-5pm!! The set lunch includes Main Entree like Manhattan Fish & Chips (Dory or Cherry Snapper), Grilled Catch of The Day (Dory or Salmon), Chicken of Liberty; Soup of The Day, and choices of Soft Drink.. We went to their branch at Causeway Point, Woodlands, Singapore..
Both mommy and I ordered Dory Grilled Catch of The Day at SGD 6.90 that comes with Garlic Herb Rice also broccoli and carrots on the side..
Mom loved the chili but I always prefer to had the dory with Tar Tar Sauce..=`)
The Soup of The Day was Light Seafood Soup..
It was served in a tiny portion with only one shrimp and one squid inside, but the soup tasted pretty nice!!
We had Root Beer and and we both agree that the value lunch was quite worth it!! =`)


LauraLeia said...

It looks delicious! :D

Nava.K said...

Been here a couple of times but am so so with the food though the one in your posting looks so tempting.

FoodieFC said...

wow so cheap!? did not know that

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