Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Epilogue Cafe

So the other day I accompanied my sister to study at Epilogue Cafe, Orchard Central, Singapore. The cafe itself is located within Prologue, which is a book store. Both Epilogue and Prologue are under the famous bookstore in Singapore, Popular Book Store.
When we were there, the cafe itself was pretty crowded, but it was filled with students who went there to study, so it was quite a crowded yet quiet place. My sister went there to study too, while I helped myself with drink and snack..=p

 photo epiloguepopularorchardcentral_zps08b0dcf4.jpg

The sis's Strawberry Soda at SGD 6.00
 photo strawberrysoda_zps4fea633a.jpg

My IBC Rootbber at SGD 5.00
 photo rootbeer_zpsf6a0d338.jpg

Mac & Cheese with Mushroom at SGD 9.00
 photo mushroommacandcheese_zps5b1b04a7.jpg

I am no fan of cheese, but this was so yum!! =`))
 photo macandcheeseepilogue_zps24639141.jpg
 photo epiloguecafe_zps719bbdb4.jpg
 photo epiloguecafeorchardcentral_zps884f8109.jpg
Look out for Free Book with minimum spending!! =`)
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