Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ranch 57

CJ and I went to have dinner at Ranch 57, Plaza Medan Fair, Medan, Indonesia, the other day when I was in my hometown. The place is kinda nice with its own distinct concept, and the waiter kept telling us that Ranch 57 is under the same management as Lekker. I haven't been to Lekker yet, but heard that it's quite popular in Medan.

Love the place's concept..=`)
 photo ranch57medanfair_zpse9338b3c.jpg

Promo!! =`)
 photo ranch57promo_zpse1ec112f.jpg

Iced Teh Tarik and Iced Tea at IDR 10.000 (SGD 1.30) each.
 photo icedtehtarikandicedtea_zps5ac29d00.jpg

Sawi Pineapple at IDR 15.000 (SGD 1.95)
 photo sawipineapple_zps13bb2939.jpg

Nasi Goreng Balado at IDR 20.000 (SGD 2.60)
 photo nasigorengbaladoranch57_zps85af99cc.jpg

Chicken Fiesta at IDR 30.000 (IDR 3.90)
 photo chickenfiesta_zps67ba2a4c.jpg
 photo ranch57_zps1f1b0f22.jpg

Nasi Goreng Balado was nice, but I found it too spicy for me. I love spicy food but I just can't handle them well nowadays I don't know why.. CJ's Chicken Fiesta was slightly burned, but was good flavor wise.Food are reasonably priced, however I found that their signature beverages are a tad too steep in price. Heard that they serve good coffee, so coffee lovers, you might want to give this a try..=`)


Milex said...

Really charming

Bunga Istyani said...

Lovely <3

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XOXO, <3

Jane said...

Looks absolutely delicious <3

RNRFairytale said...

cool pics

id love it if u joined my new OASAP giveaway

Paola Lauretano said...

Really amazing!!!
Would you like to follow each other?

chiintiiaa said...

nice shoot.
these picts just make me starving. ohhh.. #foreverhungry lol

Lubna Arshad said...

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