Saturday, December 25, 2010

Breakfast at Koki Sunda

Heard about Koki Sunda breakfast from friends and decided to checked it out with CJ..
I ordered the Indonesian Fried Noodle with warm tea..

The taste is just fine. There is nothing special about it. In fact I don't like it. It annoyed me when I ate just "fine" food so I didn't even remember the price anymore..=p

CJ ordered fried carrot cake with tea, he wanted to try their Mie Sop, but they didn't have it by that time, so...

he said, "not bad".. even by looking at it I don't wanna try it out..teehee..=p
But they have half-boiled egg at cheaper price compared to Killiney (where I used to have it), so yayy we ordered it for us..

They serve lunch and dinner menu better than their breakfast.
Koki Sunda is at Jalan S.Parman, Medan, Indonesia.

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