Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mad Jack Cafe

Had dinner at Mad Jack Cafe, #B1-27, NEX, Serangoon, Singapore. The queue was so long coz it was weekend, but I was too hungry to find another place to eat coz it would just be the same crowd. Nex is really packed especially on weekends!! Besides, with long queue must have mean that the food is worthy, right??

Grilled Chicken BBQ Sauce at SGD 8.90

Chicken Burger at SGD 3.90

Psycho Chick & Chips at SGD 8.90

Ice Blended Pinnacle at SGD 5.90
The food was quite good, but I would say that I prefer Astons Specialties'


xcyber said...

i like it

Nick said...

aaaarrrgggggghhhhhh.. HUNGRY!!! hahaha

darranlow said...

Have been wanting to give Mad Jack and Texas Chicken a try but the food don't really look all that pleasing. They look more like a neighborhood cafe unfortunately. Aston's seems better already.

Nava Kishnan said...

The burger is so tempting and lovely shots of the pics.

g.ta said...

@darranlow definitely prefer Astons but sometimes cannot stand the VERY long queue..=p

@xcyber, Nick, Nava: Thanks for stopping by..=`)

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Blackswan said...

Nice shots! Thks for the nang & I've done the same :)

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Anonymous said...

Great post & I'm super hungry now. Here is the Mad Jack's web address:

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