Friday, September 16, 2011

J.CO Donuts & Coffee

I supa love the hot chocolate at J.CO!! And their donuts have been famous since its launch day, you can buy them in 1/2 or one dozen.. They have several branches in Medan, but I always prefer to go to J.CO at Cambridge City Square, Medan to have my hot chocolate fix.. J.CO has branches in Singapore and Malaysia too!!

Regular Hot Chocolate at IDR 27.000
Free Glazzy donut with every beverage purchased..
I always order Chocolate Caviar for myself at IDR 6.000..

I have always enjoy their donuts as they are softer in texture compared to the other donuts franchise.. They have variety of beverages too!! Go visit!! =`)


LauraLeia said...

I love the 2 donut flavours you chose! :D They're among my faves from J.Co, hehe~ Normally i don't order their drinks though, coz i prefer Starbucks, haha ^^

g.ta said...

such coincidence?? =p
You should try their drinks, they are not bad at all..=`)

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