Friday, March 8, 2013

Kith Cafe

So CJ and I had our Valentine's brunch at Kith Cafe, Park Mall, Penang Rd, Singapore last month. Been hearing about its good review and decided to try it out. We went there after lunch hour and the place was still quite pack despite it was a rainy day. We took their outdoor seat so to have our meal with view..=`)

Mocha at SGD 4.50
 photo mocha_zpse6de5edf.jpg
 photo kithcafemocha_zps1c5d1de6.jpg

Big Breakfast at SGD 16.50
 photo bigbrakfast_zpsadc6fa0e.jpg
 photo omellette_zps0c4a691f.jpg
 photo kithcafebigbreakfast_zps16198a86.jpg

Their Lunch Special that day at SGD 19.00
 photo kithcafelunchspecial_zpsb2d51349.jpg
 photo beefwithpasta_zps5cd184e5.jpg
 photo kithcafeparkmall_zps5b7c1873.jpg

Loved their coffee. The food was decent too. Not really into my breakfast's toast but maybe it was my poor choice of grain. Their beef with pasta was very good, I kept stealing CJ's spaghetti coz I need my carb!! =p
Their brunch menu is until 3 pm, but I would say that I prefer their dinner menu. Overall a very nice place to chill and have your cuppa fix. =`)


Alice in La La said...

gorgeous style, adoring your blog!
check out our new blog – behind the scenes at our fashion agency!

lots of love from La-La Land

Seeking Style said...

mouth watering!

xo Jennifer

Esmée said...


I really like your blog!
Its making me hungy!
Maybe we can follow each other?


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