Monday, July 30, 2012

Kraze Burgers

What to dine when you're at Marina Bay Sands? Of course there are a lot of very "atas" or fine dining choices, but what happened to those whose money had been wasted in the casino? teehee..=p
CJ and I went there for dinner, and because the food court is forever crowded, we chose Kraze Burgers instead, right opposite the food court..=`)
Read from its website, Kraze Burgers is a franchise from South Korea, and it is not a fast food chain. It promotes a healthier choice of burgers. You just know the price is gonna be far from usual burger when you put "healthy" in front of it..=p

K. Onion at SGD 14.00
CJ ordered K. Onion that comes with wheat bun coz it's healthier..=p
Basically the star were the beef patty and the onion rings..
The Matiz at SGD 13.00
I had The Matiz with just regular bun coz it is their most popular burger..=`)
Anything with bacon is good for me..=`)
Both  burgers come with cold creamy pasta and corn. I notice a lot of people had their burgers with beer. They do serve ice water though..=`) and their Chili Cheese Fries seems good and we kind of regretted at last moment that we didn't try it..=p
Anyho, I would rather go to Carl's Jr. for my burger fix, but for those health freaks, give this a try..=`)


FoodieFC said...

wow, looks abit on the higher end in terms of price

sepatuholic said...

okay.... now I am getting hungry and I just eat.... rrrrraffffff....

PrincessMic said...

tried their burgers before. not very fantastic. i prefer EWF...although unhealthy but is really gd!

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